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Space Trainer + Power Chord Trainer for guitar practice

Our Price: £10.95
We're now offering you both of our unique and innovative guitar learning and practice aids in one discounted pack. Includes one Space Trainer AND one Power Chord Trainer, complete with instructions.

The Space Trainer helps you with learning the correct position for open chords, achieving that all-important finger shape.

The Power Chord Trainer helps you master the tricky finger spacing and stability needed for movable power chords, enabling you to play rock music the easy way!

We've noticed that many people buy both products together, so we're offering a special discount pack - with a lower price and saving on postage too! Both products were invented by UK guitarist and guitar teacher Kelvin Pratt and have helped guitarists all around the world. Suitable for both electric and acoustic* guitar players.

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Space Trainer guitar learning aid helps you learn the correct hand position for playing open chords. The simple plastic guide frame is easy to fit and remove from the guitar's neck and is suitable for both children and older guitarists, electric, acoustic and classical guitars* The Space Trainer naturally helps the left hand to form the correct shape for playing and stops the 'overgripping' of the neck, a problem that often occurs while learning guitar. It has been proven to dramatically increase performance of beginners and is ideal for both formal guitar lessons and private practice. Initially designed to help absolute beginners, the Space Trainer is also an invaluable practice aid for more advanced guitar players, helping to practice ideal finger positioning.

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  • Unique and functional. Ordering two more!
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*On most guitars the Space Trainer works fine "first time" without any adjustment, but just occasionally people have a problem with a specific guitar if it has an unusually fat or wide profile and in this case some adjustment may be needed. For details on adjusting see

Power Chord Trainer is a brand new invention, conceived, designed and manufactured by Guitar Gizmos in the UK.

Power Chord Trainer is a lightweight device that trains your fingers to hold the fret spacing needed for playing power chords... all the way up the neck! Because your fingers are squeezing in against the pressure of the training device the spacing is much easier to acheive than the usual stretching outwards.

Power Chord Trainer works with both two and three note power chords and can be used for learning, practicing, exercising...

Power Chord Trainer is suitable for children, teens and adults and equally useful to both right and left-handed guitar players.
  • Builds finger strength
  • Achieves correct finger spacing
  • Helps build muscle memory
  • Increases finger stretch