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Practice Right - guitar right hand position trainer

Our Price: £13.95

Practice-Right guiar hand trainer helps the player to form and maintain the correct right hand position for classical guitar. This simple gizmo addresses one of the trickiest parts in the process of studying classical guitar – Right Hand Posture.

Correct hand posture is the major key to producing a quality tone and developing a good technique. One of the most common mistakes among finger-style players is the collapsing of the hand and resting on the soundboard. Other common mistakes include over-arching of the wrist or kinking of the hand too much to the left or right side. These positions will limit playing abilities and can lead to wrist pain or serious hand injuries such as carpal tunnel and tendonitis.

This is where the Practice-Right comes in! It will prevent the hand from collapsing and making these common mistakes. Practice-Right provides a slightly arched position of the wrist and straight alignment of the hand. It is ergonomic, adjustable and allows full freedom of the fingers. Practice-Right will enable the player to practice most effectively and to achieve the best results while playing the guitar.

Practice-Right is widely recommended by classical guitar teachers and proffessional guitarists all around the world - check out the testemonials page of the Practice-Right website at