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Guitar Learning & Practice Aids

Learning the guitar isn't easy and  we believe that, like training wheels on your first bicycle, a little help can go a long way. Kelvin Pratt has been a full-time guitar teacher for over 15 years and sees daily the things that new guitar players struggle with. Kelvin invented and patented the Space Trainer five years ago and it has helped over a thousand beginners to learn.

We're now on a mission to find the best guitar teaching, learning and practice aids from around the world. We started by inventing the Power Chord Trainer - a fun and effective way of progressing from basic open chords onto the Power Chords used in rock and pop music - and a great introduction to the principles of Barre Chords. We're always on the lookout for inovative new guitar products and are proud to be associated with the Don't Fret system of notation, a brilliant US invention that is a great way of learning where to find guitar notes on your guitar's fretboard.
Guitar Power Chord Trainer - Wanna Rock?
An easy way to learn and practice Power Chords. Ideal for beginners progressing from open chords.
Space Trainer - Guitar practice aid accessory
Helps you learn and practice correct finger position when playing open chords.
Don't Fret guitar learning aid
Color-coded Guitar Note Map shows all the notes on your guitars fretboard.
Music Bar guitar mute
The Guitar Mute is a compact and well-designed guitar mute enables you to practice at "full strength" without disturbing those around you.
Learning to play guitar for young beginners - BRAND NEW CHILDREN'S BOOK
A new quirky and engaging children's guitar book by Vic Collins of The Kursaal Flyers
Space Trainer + Power Chord Trainer for guitar practice
Both our guitar learning and practice aids in a money-saving double pack.
Practice Right - guitar right hand position trainer
Practice-Right guiar hand trainer helps the player to form and maintain the correct right hand position for classical guitar.