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Guitar Power Chord Trainer - Wanna Rock?
An easy way to learn and practice Power Chords. Ideal for beginners progressing from open chords.
Space Trainer - Guitar practice aid accessory
Helps you learn and practice correct finger position when playing open chords.
Electric Guitar Strings - Ernie Ball BS9 Super Light Stainless
Stainless steel strings for a bright sound and long life. Suitable for all electric guitars and the recommended gauge for beginners.
Don't Fret guitar learning aid
Color-coded Guitar Note Map shows all the notes on your guitars fretboard.
Music Bar guitar mute
The Guitar Mute is a compact and well-designed guitar mute enables you to practice at "full strength" without disturbing those around you.
Learning to play guitar for young beginners - BRAND NEW CHILDREN'S BOOK
A new quirky and engaging children's guitar book by Vic Collins of The Kursaal Flyers
Space Trainer + Power Chord Trainer for guitar practice
Both our guitar learning and practice aids in a money-saving double pack.