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Don't Fret guitar learning aid

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Guitar Gizmos is an authorised supplier for this great US invention!

Easily locate any note in guitar sheet music right on your guitar fretboard.

This beginner guitar note chart goes on your guitar fretboard and shows the natural guitar notes for the first twelve frets using no adhesive (the note pattern repeats after the twelfth fret). The easy to use guitar neck map, takes the mystery out of the guitar fretboard. The colour coded note locators give you a no-miss guitar fretboard map note chart right on your guitar neck. The Note Map is made from adhesive free clear cling vinyl that "sticks" to itself and not your instrument - won't mark your guitar in any way.
If you've been looking to expand your knowledge of the guitar fretboard, look no further. If you're a beginning guitarist you've come to the right place. A Don't Fret Note Map™ will show you where it's at. Learn guitar note locations on the fretboard and music staff the fun and easy way.
Comes complete with colour-coded music guide and how to play "Amazing Grace"!

Fits 25" to 25.5" scale length right handed six string electric and acoustic guitars.

For detailed fitting guide see here --->> How to fit Don't Fret note map